Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Thinking about the show.

Looking over the past few months of rehearsals and workshops with the schools, it has been a really worth while time. When looking at the workshops with the children it was a really good experience. As i have done a little bit of work in schools before this project, in Theatre In Education but even with the experience from that course you still get very surprised at the children, as they are so different from each other. It was incredibly hard to go through the workshops as the children can really throw you off your game. You have to be very good at improvising on the spot in front of the children, as some of the children really do come out with the most funniest and disturbing things. But it is great doing the work with them.

The rehearsals have been an experience as it has been over 3 years since I last acted in a piece which has a real director. Following the directions of the the directors is very hard as I really wanted to do my own thing in the rehearsals. It is also harder when you are a smaller character as you are not really used that much, so you do not know when you are next needed in the rehearsals and with that you do not know how the whole of the show is going until the technical/dress rehearsals. The only way I have really found out about what the show is doing is because I am in the design team for the show, so I have to be kept in the loop for the props, set and costume for the show, which is one way of keeping up with the performance.

The show being around the corner, is really exciting and worrying as well, as I do enjoy doing my scene but it is thinking that I will muck up on the day, plus i have not really seen the whole of the show, without breaks in between the scenes. Which I am particulary looking forward to, as then I will feel part of the group and it will be great! Bring on the show I say! We will Knock them down!

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