Thursday, 16 April 2009

Poncho's and all

Well today we got 80 metres of fabric for Poncho's for the audience to wear. As there are 4 tribes in the play, one colour for each tribe. So we have split the audience up into 50 audience members for each colour as we have only 80 metres we have produced 110 ponchos, 55 of pink and 55 of green. we have produced a 5 poncho contingency plan per colour. We are getting together the milky Magician costume, it is nearly finished. We have also de-barked 5 sticks of wood ready for staffs for some of the characters. We also have thoughts of the Water Nymphs and what they are like and what we can do with them. As the Design team had a little day trip to chiswick house on monday, unfortunately we could not go around all the gardens but we could see them from some points of the cordened off area which went to the house (as it was open). so we had a few ideas from what we saw. We are thinking that the Water Nymph queen could travel across from the island in the middle of the river to the audience on a little raft or boat. Or if possible, walk across the water on a hidden platform under the water. There are lots of ideas coming from our team and we are getting things done. Lets hope it carrys on like this!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Designing the show

We started creating costumes and props today, I am finally feeling like I am doing something for the show. We have gone for a Robin Hood/Lord of the Rings (LOTR) - esque style of costumes. Plus we are really getting a lot of ideas, once we found out the storyline and the first bits of the script. Like the idea that we have The Milky Magician on stilts, but this had proved a problem as we want the Magician to increase in size when he shrinks the audience, as trying to stand up on stilts from sitting in the space of 1 minute is incredibly difficult. So we have decided either that he will climb on top of a ladder when he is shrinking the audience, the other idea is that he will sit on someone else's shoulders and they will stand up when the magician shrinks the audience. There are ideas of the sad caterpillar being about 10 metres long, hopefully we have the budget to get the fabric to cover it all! There are a few ideas of things coming from the Magical tree when the audience succeed the task at the end of the show, for example chocolates! Well, thats all for now, but i will be writing some more tommorow!