Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Looking over the work I have done for the Project

The SU night was a really good fund raiser for our project, it was tiring but a lot of fun. Plus I am very glad that we did not do a Car Boot Sale for fundraising as there is a lot to organise, when we look at the things you have to do, and it seems to much to do at a short space of time, these are the things you have to think about when organising the Car Boot Sale:

First of all the venue:-
You need a good surface to park on.
Good pedestrian access
Don't be next door to another one or somewhere where there is competition

There are cost implications.
You have to book and pay for the venue up front.
If not enough people turn up you LOSE money.
Look for the competition and see what they do.
Look for the right area to do it.
A very rich area off the beaten track is as good a near town centres/big housing (therefore people therefore buyers) estates.

Would collecting stuff to sell at other boot sales be better?
Would one or more of the schools you are working with let you have the venue for free?
If they do their own car boot sales probably not.

Next Advertising:-

What can you get free?
What does the competition do?
Would handouts do the job or would somebody walk around with a bill board.Handing out leaflets at other car boot sales to sellers and buyers is a good start (remember if you are asked yours is bigger and better!).
Poster in cars! If any one you are working with will put a poster in their car "Best Ever Car Boot Sale" , etc.
Would the schools you are working with hand out leaflets to pupils at the school and/or put up posters?
Could you run more than one?
Can you put up posters at Uni?
Some student might like to clear out their things and raise some cash.
Big posters near the site a few weeks in advance gets in some business. (you might upset the local council if you leave them up for 2 weeks but might get away for a weekend and take them down again)

What do the competition do?
What do they charge?
Do they charge admission for buyers or ask for donations?
Have a look at what is happening nearby, visit a few car boots sales
Can you get items donated for you to sell at your own (free) pitch.
You will need change on the day! Lots of people turn up with £20 notes to pay for the pitch (they want you to provide them with change for their buyers).

Keep a list of vehicle reg's and names.
No booking without CASH in advance
If more than one number published for booking keep in touch with each other
Each taking 50 bookings for a place that only takes 70 cars is not good.
Commercial booking i.e. burger vans should pay more!
Make sure the people who own the venue don't mind them being there.
Make sure they don't dump rubbish.R
Receipts given should state that you accept no responsibility to any damage to their property when they are on site.

On the day:-
You will need volunteers to collect money when people turn up and direct them to where you want them to park.
Make sure EVERYONE knows how much to charge (keep the money safe), how the cars are going to get to where they park, how much space each pitch is allowed and how cars are going to leave.
Make sure no one dumps rubbish for you to clear up.
You will end up with some litter so take some bin bags with you.
Make sure nobody who books a pitch loads up items that belong on site and takes it/them with them when they go!!!!
If you have taken the money then it has to go ahead what ever the weather!
Your helpers need to be there all the way through to the bitter end whatever!!!!

This seems like a lot of problems to organise the Car Boot Sale!

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