Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Chiswick House

Thinking over the logistics of Chiswick house, I am finding it really annoying that there are works going on in the Gardens, I have a huge worry that the builders will still be making a lot of noise whilst we are performing, plus there is a problem with the Cricket club playing a game when we are doing our evening pre-show, I just hope that we are going to be able to move the pre-show some where else in the park, just in case we have a problem with not being able to do it on the cricket pitch.

Also thinking about the route of the performance has been a little of a problem throughout the time we have been doing this performance, as we wanted to have the Water Nymphs by the Ionic Temple, but with the trouble with that, is that the Temple will still have scaffolding over it when we are performing. Also, we are not going to be able to cross the main bridge over the stream. So we have to let the audience walk down the long path down beside the stream, so we have to make sure they stop every now and then when they are on the way to the fountain bridge. But I like this new route, as we leave the house right up to the last minute during the performance. Which I think is a really good idea! But throughout the route design it has been changed so much, as much as the storyline throughout the rehearsal period. As the Milky Magician was to stand at the water fountain bridge to let the audience into Kalku, but then he has been moved up to the main bridge, but the audience do not cross the bridge.

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