Tuesday, 14 October 2008

"The Help"

I have just got back from watching Carboard Citizen's "The Help" and I had a brilliant time watching it. I have not had the chance, until now to see a forum theatre piece live. I thought that it was really informative and gave me some suprising insights to people who live in hostels and care homes to people who are homeless. I was taken aback by how much it costs to live in a Hostel for the homeless, it surprised me so much! Why does it cost so much to rent a room from the charity? it should really be quite cheap as they are homeless! the show dealt with stories of three people and how they got to get to the hostel. There were a various reasons why they turned up at the home, from being made redundant, running away from home because the character is a stroppy teenager and a woman who came from a different country to work with a family, as a nanny.

The way they used the set (which consisted of cardboard boxes), by moving them around, and placing them in different places, made you feel, as an audience member, you were in a different place. They also used puppets in the performance, which was very effective as they really told the story well. These puppets ranged from an Action Man doll with a stick out the back of his head to puppets, which were human sized, made from just the clothes of the actor, they were impersonating.

Once i left the place i felt invigorated, wanting to help out and also just a chance to help out people in those situations.

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Mark Griffin said...

I'm glad you had such a positive reaction to the play Matt.

The economics of housing are very complicated. Shelter are the largest charity who deal directly with homelessness in the UK, but they're funds are obviously reliant on donations and gifts from the public. If the figure of £180 week sounds excessive the question is not just how to lower it but also who pays to do so?