Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Designing the show

We started creating costumes and props today, I am finally feeling like I am doing something for the show. We have gone for a Robin Hood/Lord of the Rings (LOTR) - esque style of costumes. Plus we are really getting a lot of ideas, once we found out the storyline and the first bits of the script. Like the idea that we have The Milky Magician on stilts, but this had proved a problem as we want the Magician to increase in size when he shrinks the audience, as trying to stand up on stilts from sitting in the space of 1 minute is incredibly difficult. So we have decided either that he will climb on top of a ladder when he is shrinking the audience, the other idea is that he will sit on someone else's shoulders and they will stand up when the magician shrinks the audience. There are ideas of the sad caterpillar being about 10 metres long, hopefully we have the budget to get the fabric to cover it all! There are a few ideas of things coming from the Magical tree when the audience succeed the task at the end of the show, for example chocolates! Well, thats all for now, but i will be writing some more tommorow!

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Hardeep Kaur Dhillon said...

Heyy Matt, how exciting looks like you guys are working hard on the designing! I like the idea of the milky magician sitting on someone's shoulders and standing up when he shrinks. Have to say i do also like the idea of being a big caterpillar but 10 metres long wow! this should be a challenge, am very much looking forward to seeing this costume hehehe :p good luck design team. Looking forward to hearing the update tomorrow Matt. All the best, and well done design team woo :D Hardeep xxx