Thursday, 9 October 2008

Thinking about, problems I think we will face.....

I'm not too sure about how many people want to be doing a big group project, as I would not know where to look for a community project which I will be happy with. As i have been looking at other possibilities for a individual project, thinking maybe at a prison or a young offenders institute, but I am very worried about what they would make of me. This is why I am so hopeful that most of the people on this course want to do a big project, like last year's 'Helios'. As i feel that it would help people if they are working together, as you have people to help you through the whole project. But there are two problems that I foresee in doing in a big project are: 1) People not pulling their own weight in the project and 2) People doing too much and finding themselves behind with their other modules.

I think my best resource for D.I.C would be Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed, as the book has sections on his idea of Forum theatre, and that is one of the style's people use in D.I.C. Plus Carboard Citizens use forum theatre in their shows, if people would like to see, their webpage is:

Looking back at todays lecture of Drama in the Community (D.I.C), it was a fun lecture from my position, as it was looking at the storytelling side of D.I.C. Looking at our own Memories and using specific style memories; we looked at memories of us going out for the night. when i thought of my own memory, i thought is was a really good night out, from my point of view, but when we interviewed each other, it felt my memory of the night out, was not as good too listen to. But I think that was because in my head I think back at that night and sort of 'put it up onto a pedastal'. It was very wierd, because when we got into fours, one of the people i was in a group with, thought that her story was not very good, but i thought that it was a really good memory/story as it could be transferred to all different places around the World and people would be able to relate to it. We also looked at the role of the storyteller, and how they could change the whole feel of the story from the way they tell the story.

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